Have a "Second Version of You" Selling Your Offers & Building Your Legacy 24/7, 
Just Like a Robot.

The roBOT Book Writing Method™ guides you with the exact step-by-step 
process I used to become an Amazon Best Seller and I Helped Other Clients 
Do The Same From Scratch

Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins, PCC
Bowie, Maryland
Hey there,

I’m Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins and I’m a “book coach consultant.”

I teach people just like you how to write a book so that they can:

     • Grow their audience and build a tribe of loyal followers …
     • Create trust and get more customers or clients…
     • And become a well-known authority who others flock to for advice and help...

…without needing to pitch, prospect, or act like “a used car salesman” to get people interested in asking for help and grow their business.

I can show you how you can become an author fast, even if you’re not a writer, even if “writer’s block” keeps you sidelined, and even if “writing a book” wasn’t really on your “to-do list” this year. More on that in a minute!

Before we get there, let me give you an idea of why writing what I call a “roBOT Book” is (what I think) is one of the best decisions you can make if you’re looking to grow your audience and get more customers. Ready? Here it is…

No More “Pitches.”
No More “Cold Prospecting.”
No More Feeling “Like a Used Car Salesman.”

I first started using this method to grow my own business back in 2012.

In 2012, I was just starting off as a coach when I replaced a lengthy PowerPoint Presentation I was using to grow my audience, build trust, and sell my services with a book.

The idea:

The book could be like a “roBot” version of me, growing my coaching business for me 24/7/365 (but without me having to do any work at all!).

The result?

Well, it didn’t take long to get the book written and off the ground (takes even less time using the method I’m about to show you)...

…and for the first time I was able to earn more money as a coach in a couple of hours on Saturday than I did in an entire week on my job as an engineer.

Once my book was out in the world, my coaching business took off! I was finally able to ditch my “9-5” and live out my dreams of helping other people.

For the last few years, I’ve been helping professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs become authors so that they can build their audiences and authority fast with a book.

The process is simple.

Let me show it to you…

You Just Use a “roBot” Book
Easy to Write, No Cost to Launch, and You Build an 
Audience that Will Ask You For Help (and Buy Your Offers!)

This is an effective method for growing your audience, getting recognized, and selling more of your offers and services fast for three reasons:

1. You can use my “roBOT the book” method to write an impactful book SUPER fast (even if you’re not a writer)....

2. You can pre-sell your book so it actually brings in revenue to cover expenses before it’s out in the world (this is a game-changer because it costs NOTHING to get your book published…it’s selling BEFORE you’re done writing!)...

3. Your book then turns people who don’t know you into clients or customers (so if you have an offer to sell…like a coaching offer or premium digital course…your book sells it for you!)

Amazing, right?

It’s Like a “roBot” Version of You!
Working 24/7/365 to Grow Your Audience and Turn
 Your New Audience Into Clients

So many people are out there teaching methods to grow your audience and business online.

They’re saying:

“Reach out to people…”

“Post in more groups…”

“Send spammy messages until you get a reply…”

I get why a lot of people do stuff like this to grow their following, but you don’t have to!

Especially when you have a method of writing and launching a book that’s fast, pays for itself, and builds a huge audience of potential clients and buyers for you!

What do you say?

Ready for me to show you how? Check it out…


How to Quickly Write a Book, Pre-Sell Copies Before
 it’s Even Finished, And Grow a Huge Audience that 
Wants to Buy Your Offers, Products, or Services

Get THE roBot BOOK 
Writing Method™ Today!
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Here's What You'll Get for Just $9.97

  • BONUS #1 - Book Title Template Creator
  • BONUS #2 - SuperSize Book Sales Training
  • BONUS #3 - Access to the Author Creator Facebook Group Community 
  • BONUS #4 - Ebook Combo Special Reports: Get The Big Idea Blueprint and Crushing Book Writing Limiting Beliefs
  • BONUS #5 -BiteSize Book Writing KWIK Focus Course 
  • BONUS #6 - Digital Flip Book of THE roBOT BOOK WRITING METHOD
  • BONUS #7 - A Digital Copy of Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home with the workbook

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Bonus #1:


Here’s how professionals, entrepreneurs and content creators that want to increase their authority and acquire more customers Are Using The roBot Book Writing Method™ to have customers searching for them and be seen as an expert in their niche. 
Inside The roBot Book Writing Method™, you’ll discover how we use books as a belief building marketing asset. You’ll see how our book method works in our business and for our clients. We share some stories/case studies to show how our product has worked for others and how it can work for you. 

Do you also want to see how other coaches, consultants, service providers and digital course creators are using templates as time savers when choosing book titles?  

If you are not a celebrity; yet, then your Book titles need to be clear. Celebrities can have "catchy" titles or almost no title at all and their book will sell because their name is attached to it. As you build authority on your way to celebrity status if that is your choice be CLEAR.

We’ll look at titles in a number of different niches. The template will assist you in creating the right title for the result you want to provide.

You’ll see how our method compares to other “lead generating tools” out there so you can determine if our book asset model is the best fit for your goals.

Get This Title Template Tool  at  NO COST 
When You Order a Digital Copy of
 The roBot Book Writing Method™

Bonus #2:


How I Sell More Books  in 30 Days Using SuperSizing Book Sales (video)
Inside this bonus training, SuperSizing Book Sales Training,  you’ll discover the the mindset makeover and strategies we use to sell multiple books to a single buyer, sell multiple books before they are printed and 5X-20X the cart sale for a single book. Funding worksheets Included.

In this training, you’ll get a better understanding of how book buyers interact with your brand and your follow-up marketing messages.

... and you’ll discover how using a book differs from webinars, lead magnets webpages, or writing weekly blogs…

Here’s the best part: You don’t even need a book to apply these principles into your marketing immediately.  These same techniques will work with a product.

As long as you’re already offering something that helps someone achieve a result and you’re selling it (not giving it away for free)... you can swipe the exact pathway we use.

Swipe and Deploy the Exact Pathway We Use to Turn $5 Book into $ix Figures or More Year with the SuperSizing Book Sales Training… at NO COST With Today’s Order

Bonus #3:


Discover how the right community with the right influencers can help new and future authors get their books done quicker with less structure, design, and publishing errors.
With this bonus training you’ll receive a sense of belonging to something bigger than "personal authorship" when you purchase The roBot Book Writing Method. You'll receive power. A great community has a mission to inspire and that inspiration ignites the power.

Joining a community that shares the same interest and values typically is just what the doctor orders to assist us in being the best version of self as possible. We tend to strive for higher heights and our focus gets closer to laser clear. 

That laser clarity characteristic makes a difference in getting a book project done fast versus at a much slower pace. Community members share tools, freelancer support and much more to prop-up each other up on the journey to authorship. 

Within communities you can find sub-niche mastermind groups that are often tied to the exponential return-on-investment and overall success. 

 Use Community Involvement to Elevate Your Genius, Get Valuable Information and Data to Complete Your Book Project Faster and Start Earning More… INCLUDED FOR FREE.

Bonus #4:

EBOOK TRAININGS:  Get The Big Idea Blueprint and Crushing Book Writing Limiting Beliefs

Use This Big Idea Training to get the Accurate Audience and Ideal Information for them Before You Waste Time and Money on a Topic that Lacks 
Interest of the Accurate Audience.
Chapter 4 of THE roBOT BOOK WRITING METHOD explains how to come up with “BIG IDEAS.” 

A “BIG IDEA” is part of the blueprint that assures your book has A.I.R. From the start of the book project, there are key elements that MUST be researched, understood, and pinpointed for the best results. That’s where the A.I.R. comes in.

Accurate Audience - Ideal Information - Right Results 

In this bonus training, you’ll join me for a step-by-step over the shoulder breakdown of the BIG IDEA, how it works, and how to construct it.

Have you ever heard a marketer or copywriter talk about how you need a “big idea” and you’ve wondered: “Ok, but how do I come up with one?”

This ebook will show you how.

Use it with your book or embed a “Big Idea” into your existing offers to help boost conversion rates and attract more of your ideal prospects.

The Big Idea Training with my A.I.R. blueprint is included when you order The roBot Book Writing Method.

Similarly, CRUSHING BOOK WRITING LIMITED BELIEFS training will stop Writer's Block before it happens as you will be equipped and prepared to stop it before it happens.  

This Bonus addresses and CRUSHES five of the top concerns stopping rising experts and experts from getting their book asset working for them. 

Use This Big Idea Blueprint and Crushing Book Writing Limiting Beliefs Training to Choose Ideas That Have Exponential ROI...             NO COST With Today’s Order

Bonus #5:

BiteSize Book Writing KWIK Focus Course 

Follow This BiteSize Writing KWIK Focus Course to get the writing out of your head and onto the paper and create an authorship focus in Just 7 days. 
Ready to see how even non-writers and writers who have never written more than a 1000 word blog post are creating the habit and focus used in planning, writing, editing, and publishing 100-150 page books in just 14-21 days?

It’s not by spending 2 full weeks chained to a desk behind the keyboard, that’s for sure!

This bonus course, is designed to create or resurrect your momentum; thus, ultimately being impactful in getting your message multiplied and getting you the results you desire in your business and life. 

I’ll guide you step-by-step for 7 days through the mindset renewal exercises and simple KWIK Focus Activities that help you to level up your desires to be a publish author with some unusual but highly effective methods that requires little actual writing skill.

Access the Blueprint Non-Writers Use to Plan, Write, and Get a Clear Authorship Focus in Just 7 Days (or Less)... at NO ADDITIONAL COST

Bonus #6:


This Dynamic Page Turning "FlipBook" is How I Consume Premium Self Developing Information Fast Without Spending Hours Searching the Internet for Needle Moving Knowledge.
If you like the the sound of pages turning on your smart device and an upgraded feel for viewing the book or document, a flipbook is the answer. The flipbook creates an interactive multimedia rich and mobile friendly display of digital content.

Cutting edge flipbook technology is general cloud based and has the following benefits :
    ~Can include Brand awareness
    ~Can provide analytics
    ~Can create pop up images that catch the eye of readers
    ~Can have embedded videos and animation

The Enhanced Reading Technology for Your Enjoyment … Included at NO COST.

Bonus #7:

Get the Digital Book: Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home and the WorkBook

When You Write a Book You are Either Scaling Your Business or You are Launching Your Business. Your Book "the Asset" Affords the Business Many Benefits.
According to Fortune magazine 4.1 Million Americans exited the workforce in November of 2021 to align themselves with professions that better suited them.  Many of those individuals became self employed and did their Business From Home.
This Bonus contains strategies and templates to launch and accelerate your business from home towards a healthier existence and bigger profit possibilities. 

This is a 
'how-to-book" that will assist with naming a business, choosing a niche, deciding what entity protection works best without an attorney, a fill in the blank business plan, business finance resources, business branding and marketing essentials, tax smarts and much more. 

The workbook is included to align actions with your goals. Plus it helps to make the processes simplistic and easy for almost anyone. 
Get the Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home and the WorkBook Full of Business Start-up and Expansion Templates with THE roBot BOOK WRITING METHOD… Included at NO COST with your order.

THE roBOT BOOK WRITING METHOD is just $9.97 and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 7 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact method we’ve used in our own businesses to consistently add new clients and predictably run higher volumes of traffic to our offers.

Inside The roBot Book Writing Method, I’ll Share these
3 Secrets For Writing and Selling Your Book:

I know there are a lot of programs out there teaching you how to be an author 
and how to use a book to grow your authority.

It’s a popular concept because it works so well! It’s like having a “roBot” version 
of you out in the world, growing your audience, authority, and sales 24/7/365!

What I’d like to share are the 3 secrets that I think make The roBot Book Writing Method 
work better than anything else out there.

Check them out:

Secret #1:
How to “Get Your Book to Write Itself.”

This is HUGE because it’s normally a lot of work to write a book!

Let me help you make things easy, ok?

Inside my The roBot Book Writing Method, I’m going to show you how to use my outline-ology process for writing that makes creating your book super fast.

I’ve helped lots authors write their books.

And by helping so many people, I’ve discovered an outlining process that gets you in a rhythm, keeps you motivated, and makes sure you don’t “dead end” with writer’s block.

My clients have said it’s like “having your book write itself.”

That’s how powerful it is!

I’ll give you this method inside my The roBot Book Writing Method and you’ll discover for yourself how easy it is to fall into the writing rhythm…even if you’re not a writer!

Secret #2:
How to Pre-Sell Your Book Before It’s Published

Want to know what’s really going to be amazing?

Imagine having readers lined up for your book…

…before it’s even finished!

This is just like big publishers and bestselling authors do it, but better!

That’s because YOU get to keep all the pre-sale revenue from your book.

Use this pre-sale revenue to cover book publishing expenses (like printing costs, hiring a copy editor, or designing your cover). 

Take what’s left over as profit!

Talk about a game-changer!

Secret #3:
Turn Book Readers into Clients

This is where everything really starts to come to life!

Inside of my The roBot Book Writing Method, I’m going to share how you can use your book to turn readers into clients for your offers or services. 

Just imagine…

You don’t have to grow your business with expensive marketing efforts…

You can stop doing cold outreach to get clients…

And there’s no longer any need to spam people endlessly and say “hey, I can help…here’s how!”

Because you’ll have a book working genuinely and honestly, 24/7/365, to introduce people to who you are, how you can help, and what you have for them.

Your book will build up trust, increase your authority, and get more people to like and trust you.

As a result, you can use it as a foundation for growing almost any type of business. 

Inside my The roBot Book Writing Method, I’ll show you how.


Here’s a Look Inside The roBot Book Writing Method™

Chapter 1: The Business of Books - Selling Your Book Is Optional; Yet, the Cash Can Continue to Flow In.
Along with building authority and belief with the The roBot Book Writing Method, you will increase your influence as others begin to share and articulate the amazing results your product or services provide. The word, influence, is derived from the Latin word, “influentem,” which means to flow. You want your book to cause cash to flow in while you are flowing in increasing your influence. This is accomplished by putting a production in play and building beliefs with the The roBot Book Writing Method as the main character. It works like this: You write a book that solves at least three problems for the community you serve. You self-publish the book and sell them and keep all the royalties. The community reads and uses The roBot Book Writing Method and gets results. Now, members of the community are seeking you out to help them solve their problems faster or to assist them in solving other problems.

Chapter 2: Build a Buzz for Your Business - Flipping the Script... another alternative
On the other hand, what if you are like me and living on social media is not what excites you? Posting daily is draining. Chasing influencers down to become affiliates for your products just isn’t appealing. Generating freebees for the folks who want everything for free and then do nothing with it. Yuk!
Can you get happy about leaving that typical marketing method for someone else? Can you get excited for The roBot Book Writing Method which is designed for the customers wanting to take the necessary action and get your product or service? They play full out with the tools, assessments, and exercises in The roBot Book Writing Method, not for Coach Tina FJ, she has already written a number of books and is an expert on different subjects. They play full out for themselves, their family, and the people they were put on this earth to serve. They buy from YOU to get the result your ASSET provides!
Chapter 3: Blazing Trails of Trust - A Bot is a mechanical machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human functions automatically according to Wester. Since you cannot be everywhere, getting all your potential customers’ results at the same time, your roBot Book is on assignment to get the masses having the desired result until you can make the personal connection with them. As a bonus, the type of customer who is willing to research and then purchase a book on a subject to learn something is likely a better customer than someone who is completely satisfied grabbing information or how-to from Google or an online resource that may or may not be credible.
Your roBot Book is your mouthpiece build belief in your brand. Convey all of your genius knowledge on a subject and persuade the customer to take the action to get his or her desired result. When customers feel like the books provide mega value, they naturally want to seek out the individual who got their results, for at least two reasons. The first reason is to see if other desired results can be obtained through other learning material or in person. The second is to get connected with like-minded individuals who can add value to their lives, individuals who are led by you, the authority figure.

Ready to Learn How to Write Your Book Fast, Pre-Sell Your Book Before It’s Finished, and Use Your Book To Grow Your Audience & Business? 

I can’t wait to show you how to use a “roBot Book” to grow as an author, authority, and expert.

I wrote this book to help you determine: "is The roBot Book Writing Method right for you…

…and to show you the book writing and selling secrets I’ve used to help experts, coaches, consultants, course and product sellers (and many, many others) grow their business using a book. 

The roBot Book Writing Method is available on this page for just $9.97. 

If you get it today and decide this method is for you, it can become your step-by-step guide to amplifying authority, acquiring quality customers and creating an asset that adds additional revenue streams so you can finally start growing your business. 

Here it is…

The roBot Book Writing Method™

How to Quickly Write a Book, Pre-Sell Copies Before it’s Even Finished, And Grow a Huge Audience that Wants to Buy Your Offers, Products, or Services

Get The roBot Book 
Writing Method™ 
+ All 7 Bonuses

For Just $9.97

  • A Digital Copy of The roBot Book WRITING Method
  • BONUS #1 - Book Title Template Creator
  • BONUS #2 - SuperSize Book Sales Training
  • BONUS #3 - Access to the Author Creator Facebook Group Community 
  • BONUS #4 - Ebook Combo Special Reports: Get The Big Idea Blueprint and Crushing Book Writing Limiting Beliefs
  • BONUS #5 - BiteSize Book Writing KWIK Focus Course 
  • BONUS #6 - Digital Flip Book of The roBot Book WRITING Method
  • BONUS #7 - A Digital Copy of Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home with the Workbook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $9.97

You’ll receive The roBot Book Writing Method 
digital book, and all of the included bonuses.

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of The roBot Book Writing Method™…

  • What does “Bot the Book mean?” - The book acts like a roBot in that it replicates the author (you) building belief in your business before you are personally introduced to a customer. More Details page 1.
  • Take This Values Test - Answer the questions on page ii, the system will tally up your score, and determine just how much you value entrepreneurship/business. Based on your score, you’ll see the next steps to take.
  • Marketing Assets - An asset brings in the outcome you want 24/7/365, without direct input. Discover how to use a book as an asset.
  • The Business of Books - How to use a book to get clients, fill coaching programs, and sell more products and services & the “funnel math” works to show how a book is an asset. 
  • Replace Strangers With Customers - If you feel like you’re talking to the wrong people in your business, if you’re worried about low open rates on your email list, or if it feels like your audience isn’t engaged, complete activity at the end of Chapter #7.
  • Should You Get Someone to Write the Book for You? - A Ghost writer can deliver your book in your voice. The person can do some of the writing or all of it. The cost varies. See page 20 for more insight. 
  • Dream Customers & Clients Discover You - One of the most powerful things you can do in your business is to be more purposeful in who you work with. There’s lots of talk out there about finding your “dream customer.” Learn how to create a book that helps them find you. An Expert Assessment is helpful. (page 18)
  • The Advantage of “Trustworthiness” - Make more impactful connections with those you serve through a book. For businesses passionate about helping people, this is the key to reaching your audience at a deeper level (page 85)
  • The Big Idea has A.I.R. - Sure, your book big idea is essential, but before you get started, it’s important to understand why information is not what really matters. (page 28)
  • ​​How to Get Traffic to Pay for Itself. See how we use the roBot book strategy to pay for all the traffic costs needed to grow a business.
  • The P3 Method for Creating the Book Rhythm - The book need a rhythm and a flow to capture the attention of your customer. Go to page 36 to see how.
  • ​​What if You Could Be Fully Booked With Just ONE Piece of Content? - No more struggling with “what should I put on the content calendar?” or “how many cold emails should I send this week?”
  • 1 Book, 1 Funnel & Pre-sell Blueprints - This is the “framework” for getting the book you have not written yet to pre-pay for book publishing or printing and you get to keep all the Royalties.
  • 5 Steps to S.T.A.R.T. - The answer to the age old question, "where do I Begin." To get the 5 steps, skip to page 46.
  • “Well I’m Just a __________, I Can’t Change the World” - A book can unlock your ability to radically impact the lives of clients and customers, even if what you’re doing now doesn’t seem “impactful” or “meaningful.”
  • How Well You Write Doesn’t Matter - Get your book professionally edited for best results. Do the tips on page 47 to save on editing fees.
  • Why Everyone in the Business of Helping Others Should Have a Book - Discover how coaches, course creators, freelancers, agencies, speakers, and experts can use a book like this to get fully booked with clients.
  • Is a Book Right for Your Business? Inside The roBot Book Writing Method, you can take a Coaching Skills self-assessments on page 125 to determine how skilled you are at coaching.
  • The 14 - 21 Day Authorship Blueprint - See how our clients are able to write their own books in 14 to 21 days or less (and how you can do the same).
  • Clarify Your Message in a Short Book - Writing a short book makes your sales messages better. See how a book will help you keep your ideas clear and concise so that prospects can better understand who you serve, the problems you solve, and how you’ll help them.
  • Measure Your Leadership Skills - Struggling to get attention from your audience or prospects? Take the “assessment” we use that evaluate leadership (page 131)
  • The Reason “Non-Writers” Can Write A Book - No  need to be an idea machine to quickly create a book that can bring in ideal prospects for services, courses, or coaching program.
  • And much, much more!
On the next page, you can decide to add-on the done-for-you templates, marketing materials, ad templates we use, and a few more goodies if you want to save some time and effort…

...but, as you can see, The roBot Book Writing Method contains everything I think you’ll need to understand and implement this method (and a bit more).

The price of The roBot Book Writing Method. is just $9.97.

Your digital copy of The roBot Book Writing Method will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how books help us scale businesses faster and more predictably than any other method we’ve tried.

Your purchase today also includes the 7 bonuses.

I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organize The roBot Book Writing Method so you’ll be able to immediately gain new insights you can rapidly deploy…

...while having a blueprint you can follow to create and launch your own book asset to bring in high volumes of new customers and quickly turn them into premium clients.

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement The roBot Book Writing  Method on your own, I’m also including the 7 bonuses above at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus courses and workshops are designed to compliment what you’ll learn inside The roBot Book Writing Method.

Get Your Copy Right Now for Just $9.97

And Get All 7 Bonuses For FREE…

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s My Promise...

Here’s a simple promise:

The roBot Book Writing Method will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how we turn $9.97 book buyers into premium clients quickly for ourselves and our clients.

You’ll get a behind the curtain look at how we make traffic work at scale and the process we use to quickly close book buyers into premium offers. I’ll give you all of the data, details, and more...nothing is held back.

You’ll read The roBot Book Writing Method and follow along in the included bonus courses, workshops, and training materials…

...and I guarantee you’ll discover new insights you haven’t thought about, perspectives that can help your business grow, or take-away examples you can immediately use to sell more of your programs, offers, or services.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

...just let my team know with a quick email to support@jtillc.com and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

This Is a One-Year Guarantee

That means you have 365 days to go through the book and all the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. This is a 365-day money back guarantee.

Get The roBot Book 
Writing Method™ 
+ All 7 Bonuses

For Just $9.97

  • A Digital Copy of The roBot Book Writing WRITING Method
  • BONUS #1 - Book Title Template Creator
  • BONUS #2 - SuperSize Book Sales Training
  • BONUS #3 - Access to the Author Creator Facebook Group Community 
  • BONUS #4 - Ebook Combo Special Reports: Get The Big Idea Blueprint and Crushing Book Writing Limiting Beliefs
  • BONUS #5 - ​BiteSize Book Writing KWIK Focus Course 
  • BONUS #6 - Digital Flip Book of The roBot Book Writing WRITING Method
  • BONUS #7 - A Digital Copy of Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home with the Workbook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $9.97

You’ll receive The roBot Book Writing Method™ and all of 
the included bonuses.

Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins 
Professional Certified Coach
I Help Entrepreneurs & Professionals Amplify Authority & Acquire Customers Using An Asset...Their Book
Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses who serve others since 2003.

Here are a few of the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with:
  • NASA
  • Health Resources & Services Administration
  • Federal Reserve Board  
  • ​CI International
  • USDA
  • ​Sister Diamond
  • Volition Enterprises
  • Skillionaire Enterprises
  • ​And Others
I retired after 31 years Government services and that afforded me the opportunity share my system of writing and publishing books full time yet on a part-time basis.  

And started using books to amplify my authority and acquire new clients in niches where I had not been formally trained back in 20012.  I did this despite very notable learning challenges.  

I used the same self taught skills that took me from being a highly unqualified (as I was told) candidate for engineering school to a NASA engineer and to becoming an author multiple times.  I can teach you...

Put Your Brilliance into a roBot Book  
that Builds Belief in Your Business 

After moving away from boring powerpoint presentations, lead magnet freebies and webinars that I just could not make work for me after studying the process for almost an entire year the quality of my business improved as I leverage authorship.

The quality of sales conversations improved too after realizing that business was doing better with better informed customers that were willing to pay a premium price for an experience that produces the result they were seeking.

In addition, this model allowed me to provide a service to more clients; yet, spending less of my time seeing clients. I get to travel more to mastermind groups to elevate my brilliance, so I am equipt to pour more into the clients I serve.

My business has been growing steady as I persuade my clients to switch to the book asset model.

I have been working with my team to perfect the process, plus assisting my clients with launching their Book TM funnels.

I did not “invent” using a book as an asset; however, the team and I are making strides in getting more business owners to catch the vision of how the roBot Book is a game changer in the life of their business.

Books may be one of the oldest, most time-tested marketing assets that still survive in today’s fast-paced world of short attention spans, expensive traffic, and competitive markets.

Inside the book, you’ll discover how I am using a roBot book strategy first hand and how I have helped clients.

You’ll find an unusual writing method I use to write books in just a few days…

And you’ll uncover precious business nuggets in this power quick read but effective author creating tool.

Understandably, I can’t promise you any results when using The roBot Book Writing Method as results are based on your actions.

What I can promise is that you’ll discover take-away insights, methods, and strategies that you can immediately implement to start creating a book project that is intentional about elevating your business with better leads faster…

...and you’ll discover an approach to using a book to amplify authority and attract premium clients.

I hope you enjoy reading The roBot Book Writing Method.

After you’ve finished it (or even before), send me an email and let me know what you think of it.

See you on the inside,

Tina Frizzell-Jenkins aka Coach Tina FJ

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  • BONUS #5 - ​BiteSize Book Writing KWIK Focus Course  
  • BONUS #6 - Digital Flip Book of The roBot Book Writing WRITING Method
  • BONUS #7 - A Digital Copy of Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home with the Workbook

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Just $9.97

You’ll receive The roBot Book Writing Method digital book, and 
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